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In June 2005 we made a dream come true: to open a pastry shop in Barcelona that would offer unique cakes, chocolates and sweets. We wanted to create a fresh, modern and innovative pastry shop, a new sweet universe in the city totally different from what we had seen so far: a pastry shop that would remind us of a jewelry store because of its design, the quality of the product and the presentation of its creations. With that fusion of ideas, a lot of passion and dedication, Bubó was born.

Today we continue to produce handcrafted products using top quality raw materials. We continue to innovate with more natural ingredients, new designs, flavors and textures, with an eye on organic agriculture and sustainable farming in key products such as cocoa.

Our team prepares daily pastries, cakes, chocolates, macarons, etc. that are available for sale on our online website, in our bakery in Barcelona and in various shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. Currently a large part of our products are exported to more than 10 countries, being of special mention the repercussion and success obtained by Bubó Japan.


Team & Experience

With the best team in our bakery and in our points of sale,

We offer our customers a different experience in the world of confectionery.

More than 15 years of making people happy endorse our work.



Bubó online

Enjoy your favorite desserts with Bubó directly at home. As easy as ordering them directly on our website. Check our products created especially for holidays.

Fresh ingredients

All our products are made with top quality raw materials, with ingredients from leading manufacturers, to achieve the quality that sets us apart.

Handmade products

Our workshop is a craft workshop. In Bubó, all our products are homemade and we take care of the smallest detail, from their elaboration and decoration to their final packaging.

Creative ideas

Discover the most creative desserts with shapes, flavors and textures. Try our new vegan cake. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in a pleasure for the senses. High jewelry with chocolate flavor.

Bubó brand

With more than 130,000 followers around the world, Bubó is a nationally and internationally consolidated brand. Today Bubó exports its products to more than 10 countries. Bubó makes the difference.

Give Bubo as a gift

We have that product for every special moment. Use the Secret Note and personalize your gift with our sculptures or dedicate that special cake with a personalized note.


What do customers say about Bubó?

“Jewerly of sweets”

«Exhibits their delicious sweets in jewelry display cases. Deservedly so because they are an authentic delight«

Javier A

“The best dessert in Barcelona”

«We ate the pastry called Brasilia, it was delicious and the coffee was also very good. I recommend you to visit this place «

Ileana B

“A cathedral of pastries”

«The pastries are very elaborate, majestic to look at. But the ecstasy comes when you get to taste them...«


“Home delivery, made easy»

«Since we tried the home delivery service, we keep enjoying these spectacular pastries without leaving home.»